2017 Initiatives - $50,000 Raised!100%
2018 Initiatives - $48,000 Raised!80%
2019 Initiatives - $50,0005%
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Develop the Land

Set up the infrastructure of the property:
1. Build Water Cistern & Gravity Plumbing
2. Put in Septic System
3. Pipe in the Power
4. Start Planting Trees

Build a Home

Build the kids home:
1. Dorm, Bathrooms and Laundry
2. Mess Hall, Kitchen, School and Office
3. Put in Gardens and Poultry
4. Plant More Fruit Trees

Start a Camp

Get down to the business of organizing camp activities:
1. Daily schedule for the kids in the home
2. Organize camp activities for the kids and others in the community
3. Hold workshops for special needs kids
4. Invite people to come and help

Recent News

Cost Breakdown

  • Utilities
  • Dorm/Bathroom/Laundry
  • Mess/Kitchen/School
  • Landscape/Gardens

Project Timeline

  • 2016: The decision is made to do something on the land to provide a home for Matthew and the kids.
  • January 2017: The idea for Camp Amos is born after talking about the changing laws and the desire to continue helping kids.
  • Spring 2017: Draw plans up. Start organizing a team network to figure out what needs to be done.
  • April 2017:  Go to Chiapas to register the land and break ground. Jose comes to work as foreman.
  • Summer 2017:  Put in foundation and walls for dorm, bathrooms and laundry. Build infrastructure of sewer, water and power.
  • September 2017: Go down with a team to finish out the dorm, bathrooms and laundry. Type of  work: Plumbing, electrical, carpentry & landscaping
  • Fall 2017: Get Matt and the kids moved in
  • 2018: Start work on Mess/Kitchen/School/Office and continue developing the land and begin activities.
  • 2019: Build guest cabins and invite help. Finish Kitchen, house and garden beds.
  • FUTURE: Purchase more land for camp sites and to raise animals.